Why I love acrylic stands in silent auction displays

school silent auction display framed

This school auction used both framed and frameless stands. I prefer the frameless.

I’ve written extensively on how to structure a good silent auction display. And despite my particular interest in acrylic frames, I’ve even talked about how to create displays without using acrylic stands.

But I’ve not covered why I really like using those acrylic styles.

Here’s why acrylic stands catch my fancy.

First, they are frameless.

Unlike using traditional photo frames, which have a 1″-2″ frame (see photo) around the edges, clear plastic stands are frameless. It leaves more room for text and other critical information.

Second, they are stackable, making them easy to store.

You’ll need more boxes and bubble wrap to box up 100 photo frames versus 100 acrylic stands.

Third, they are reusable. Buy them once; use them again and again.

(Yes, you can do the same with regular photo frames, too. But those other stands don’t have the frameless and stackable advantages.)

Fourth is the vertical presentation. 

This is the most important reason to use stand-up frames for your displays.

When you present content vertically, more guests can simultaneously view the item and decide if they want to bid.

In contrast, when you present the content horizontally, I can’t read what is written until the guest standing next to me moves out of the way. Then I move into his position, peer down, and read the description.

Presenting the content horizontally isn’t effective for traffic flow. You have a short period of time to make a sale in your auction gala, so you need to be effective in your presentation marketing.

Yes, I realize that any photo frame will present the content vertically, but the acrylic frames have the added advantages of being frameless and stackable.

All are good points to remember for your displays.

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  1. Presentation is so important! Thank you for sharing your expert advice, Sherry.

    Betsy Baker

  2. The devil is always in the details! Thanks Sherry!

  3. Shanthi L. Sivanandham says:

    Dan Craft Displays is a great resource for acrylic frames at good prices.

    I used them last year and everything shipped beautifuly. Their customer service is great. Thanks, Sherry!

    — Shanthi L. Sivanandham


  4. Great suggestion, Sherry. I recently volunteered for my PTO silent auction and we spent hours taking frames apart and folding the display signs, because the frames were smaller than 8 x 11. It was a nightmare. This would have helped a lot!

  5. Sherry,
    Another fabulous suggestion and another reason I refer all my auction thinking colleagues and clients to you.

  6. Sherry,
    Another fabulous suggestion and another reason I refer all my auction thinking colleagues and clients to your site.

  7. It’s the little things that make all the difference – to the volunteers and to the auction guests. Thanks for covering the important details.

  8. Do you have affordable site to procure the acyclic frames?

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