PODCAST: How smart planners get more done before 9 AM than the Army does all day

Most charity auction planners I know are pretty popular gals. Their personality draws others to them, which means they tend to get interrupted frequently with questions, visits, emails, and phone calls. To get a few more hours out of the day, try using these time management tools.

Listen to the podcast below.

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About Sherry Truhlar

Fundraising auctioneer and sage, helping schools and nonprofits across the USA plan more profitable benefit auctions. A prolific writer for her own blog and other fundraising sites, her advice is tapped by thousands of auction planners seeking to improve their benefit auctions. Read her book, take her classes, or read what others say as she’s been covered in Town & Country Magazine, The Washington Post Magazine, Northern Virginia Magazine, AUCTIONEER, and other publications.


  1. I am working on a gala event for Family Service, Inc. of Greater Lawrence, MA.

    We run an annual gala and are interested in the bidding devices. We made $100,000 last year on a budget of $126,000. We had 350 in attendance. Do you think this is the right thing for us, these bidding devices?

    • Sherry Truhlar says:

      Judith, thanks for the comment! I’d need to know much more about your event before giving any advice. The devices aren’t inexpensive, and have had mixed reviews. In addition, there are now four vendors in the market-space, and the setup of your event would determine which is most appropriate. If you’d like to schedule a private consultation, we can do that. I’ll send my consulting packages to your email address.

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