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UPDATE: The class mentioned has passed.

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Benefit Auctions Consulting BAS Sherry TruhlarDo you know the question I’m most often asked? 

You might think it’s a question about the benefit auction … like, “How many items should go into our live auction,” or, “Should we wait until dessert to start the live auction?” 

But it’s none of those types of questions.  Instead, I’m asked this:

“Sherry, how did you learn to talk SO FAST?”

Auctioneers are known for their “fast talk.” The official term for it is a chant.

  • Some auctioneers learn to chant by listening to other auctioneers.
  • Some learn it from listening to recordings.
  • Some (like me) learn it from going to auction school … and then practicing. A lot!


Short on time?  My no-cost call “Talk like an Auctioneer” is this Thursday.

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Virginia Benefit Auctioneer Sherry Truhlar 2012

A couple of years ago I was making the rounds, speaking at a number of Rotary Clubs. Sometimes I’d take the audience through a few drills in which they would begin to sound like an auctioneer.

I could tell the people who were getting into it. They might tap a finger on the table as we worked through the tongue twisters. Or they’d nod their head in rhythm as they thought through the words, but let the cadence carry them.

And when I was modeling, one of the other models wanted to learn how to talk like me. She loved puzzles and games (it was she who had taught me Sudoku). To her, the chant was something of a mind challenge. After that, whenever I saw her at subsequent shoots, she’d always give me a look and start her drill.

Honestly, in less than 30 minutes, I can get you to sound like an auctioneer. It’s not as difficult as you might imagine. With practice you’ll get better.
Talk like an auctioneer training with Sherry Truhlar

For the fun of it, I’m offering a free webinar to take those interested through a few drills so they, too, can talk like an auctioneer. This is the same sort of approach I’d use to teach when I was speaking to those Rotary Clubs. It’s a few verbal drills.

I think you’ll surprise yourself. Think about it … in less than 30 minutes, you’ll have your own rudimentary chant.

  • Wouldn’t it be fun to impress your kids tomorrow with a chant that makes their eyes go wide?
  • Wouldn’t it be hilarious to slip a little chant into a conversation with your spouse?
  • And it’s a great bar trick. (That is, if you’re still of that age where you’re hoping to impress). 😉

There are infinite uses, no doubt.

Frankly, I’ve never taught this over a webinar. It will be very different than teaching “live.” The big challenge (problem?) is that I won’t have your feedback. I’ll be the only one I can hear talking!

But I wanted to give it a go.

So if this sounds like something you’d like to try, you can register for the complementary call. 

You’ll see I’m offering two time slots THIS THURSDAY, September 6, 2012.

Heads up:  When you register, it might appear as though you’re “buying” something. It’s because this is taking you through my shopping cart system. Don’t worry about it… you’ll see that the charge is $0.

See you there!

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  1. Karla Mahler says:

    Interested in auctioneer chant. Any more webinars planned?

    • Karla, at this time I do not. It was a “just for fun” quickie webinar I offered to give anyone a crash course in chanting. Right now, I’m knee deep delivering content on benefit auction improvements. However, as I schedule courses – including if I revisit “How to Talk Like an Auctioneer” — it will be announced on my blog and in my newsletter, Benefit Auction Ideas, which comes out every other week. Keep an eye on those two resources.