Nashville benefit auctioneer for a day, uncensored comments, & my 100% guarantee

If you're seeking benefit auction ideas, this is a no-brainer event to attend. For those of you living in the Nashville area, I invite you to meet me at Maggiano's on Thursday, September 13.  It's like a country-western fairy tale for me ... I'm becoming a Nashville benefit auctioneer for one day.  :) I'm coming to share information on planning profitable auctions. Click here to reserve today.  (I've seen photos of the room and SPACE IS LIMITED.) I'm presenting in conjunction with GreaterGiving, a benefit auction software company.  (I'm delighted that I get to meet another representative from the company, Gretchen.)  « Continue Reading »

Sherry takes 1st runner up in Virginia State Champion Auctioneer contest

It's been three years since I last competed in the Virginia Auctioneers Association (VAA) State Champion Auctioneer contest. In 2009 I took 3rd place (2nd runner-up, as they say).  You can see photos from that event here. Since then, I'd not entered the contest. In part, I've been busy growing my business. But another reason was that I hated the heat. The facility -- though very nice and the owner always arranged for this awesome BBQ -- wasn't air conditioned. There I'd be, in a light wool suit with string-y hair from my sweat and the makeup melting off my face. The men were uncomfortably warm, too. But they have short « Continue Reading »

VIDEO: A DISadvantage of large crowds at your nonprofit auction

When it comes to gala auctions, most of us generally think that "bigger is better." Often that is true. A larger guest count frequently suggests a positive trend, but it can adversely affect other areas of your gala. For instance, you might need to change benefit auctioneers.  Watch the video below. P.S. For other nonprofit auction ideas, get great tips delivered to you by subscribing to Benefit Auction Ideas. It's free! « Continue Reading »

PODCAST: Benefit auction secrets – One DISadvantage of a large crowd

Just because your benefit auctioneer knows how to manage 250 people doesn't mean he’s ready to oversee your gala of 1,000 guests. His ego, enthusiasm, or lack of money in the bank might have him saying, "I can do this!" But his experience level might suggest that he needs to stick with smaller groups for a couple more years (or longer).  If you move forward, you're taking a risk.  In today's podcast, learn how to negotiate those risks. Listen to the podcast below. « Continue Reading »

Benefit auction secrets: The DISadvantage of large crowds

When it comes to benefit auctions, some think bigger crowds are always better. Perhaps.  But there is one distinct DISadvantage of a larger crowd -- it's harder to find a good benefit auctioneer. When you're interviewing auctioneers, find out how many events he or she has overseen with your same guest count.  In other words, if you have 400 attendees, ask how many galas he or she is running in that size. Just because an auctioneer has the personality to work an event of 200 guests does not mean he or she will translate that personality into a larger event.  (This is one of those benefit auction secrets your auctioneer hopes « Continue Reading »

Virginia benefit auctioneer grabs a video camera to express her gratitude to a nonprofit

Saying thank you is a life lesson.  Moms teach kids to say thank you before they can walk. Friendships develop over a thoughtful note and business relationships are made from a good thank yous. Everyone appreciates some appreciation, so my advice to auction committees is to give it to them.  Don’t overthink the task. Grab a pen, the phone, the keyboard ... or even a video camera and just say thanks. Here’s my example of taking a moment to pause and let someone know their actions were appreciated.  I arrived home after a long (9 hours long) road trip to find a wonderful box of goodies waiting for me. An auction client was « Continue Reading »

VIDEO: The one thing to NEVER say on stage at your auction

When it comes to benefit auction ideas, sometimes the simplest tips are worth thousands of dollars. This is one. Experience has taught me to never, ever say or reference this when you're on stage at the auction. Watch the video below.   What else should -- or shouldn't -- be said when you're on stage?   Well, if you're running a Fund a Need at your gala, there is an art and a science to it.  It's a process unto itself, often replete with videos, speakers, someone "asking" for the money, and a sub-process for properly collecting all that cash. In Fabulous Fund a Need Secrets, you'll get transcripts, sample « Continue Reading »