This benefit auction blog is temporarily closing

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Dear Readers,For the month of July and August 2016, this blog will go silent as my team works to build a new website and implement other behind-the-scenes changes.If you're seeking benefit auction help, search through the 550 blog posts dating back to 2009. There's plenty of content to explore and thousands of ideas to incorporate into your next auction fundraiser.(As a side, if you subscribe to Benefit Auction Ideas, that publication will still arrive on schedule. The next issue is July 5.)We'll make plans to reconvene here on the blog this fall. Enjoy summer!Sherry « Continue Reading »

[Video] Should you promote the benefit auctioneer?

I didn't realize this client was going to feature me until I got this Save the Date in the mail.

Yesterday I received this question from a client. Again this year, we are thinking about putting a Smartphone Auction card in our invite and on the back, adding information about two or three exciting live auction items with details about our auctioneer (you), including maybe your photo.  We are trying to inform our guests that we have a new auctioneer.  Here is what we were thinking we could say: "We’re putting together an exciting array of auction prizes, including X, Y, Z, and more! Auctioneer Sherry Truhlar will guide you through a fun and energetic evening. (Picture of Sherry?)" How does that approach strike you?The « Continue Reading »

[VIDEO] When to use a theater-style layout for your fundraising auction


When time allows during the spring auction season, I create highlight videos from some of my fundraising auctions. These videos are posted on the Red Apple Auctions Facebook page but you'll only see those if you 1) use Facebook, and 2) have "liked" the Red Apple Auctions Facebook page. As not all readers are Facebookers, I thought it might be a good idea to share these on the blog too.  It allows all auction planners to get ideas from some of the top notch events my clients produce.The video below showcases my favorite auction set-up: theater-style seating. When should you consider a theater-style auction set-up?Cocktail-style « Continue Reading »

[VIDEO] It was a 3-ring circus! This revamped school auction thought of everything

Circus Rimgmaster Auctioneer Sherry Truhlar_opt

This school auction used the concept of an elegant circus for its annual fundraiser. This video shows how it came together and shares some early concerns.

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[VIDEO] Raising money for Haiti by focusing on the Fund a Need

Haitian Village Auction

In May I worked with a dedicated group of fundraisers in Louisiana whose gala raises money to build homes for some of the poorest of the poor in Haiti.  Each new home costs a mere $5000.  The emphasis at this gala is on the Fund a Need.  Though there is a live auction, it’s only« Continue Reading »

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What’s wrong with online auctions this spring?

Once and done bidding, on a $2400 vacation package

Many of my spring clients are seeing lower revenues in online auctions. Here are four tips if your online auction is performing similarly dismal.

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Alternatives to the sit-down dinner gala

If your sit-down dinner gala format isn’t working for you any longer, here are six options for a new event style that still include an auction component.

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