Bad handwriting on the silent auction bid sheet? Here’s how to read it.

Stickers aren't just for kids.

If you've been struggling to read your bidders' handwriting as you look at each silent auction bid sheet, today's video tip will solve your pain. This is an option for you if you're running a silent auction using a single bid sheet.If you're running a traditional manual checkout process that relies on NCR / triplicate bid sheets, this isn't practical.  Nor is it relevant if you're using mobile bidding. That's one of the trickier aspects of giving advice on the auction checkout process.  Checkout has a lot of variables.If you're only having a live auction, you'll run checkout slightly different than a group that is running a « Continue Reading »

Silent auction jewelry display ideas to add to your supply kit

These were on sale at Michaels in March 2015.

I've written before about creatively displaying jewelry in your silent auction displays.  That post showed some unusual ways to showcase your jewels.  This suggestion is more straightforward.Use jewelry props!Stands ... props ... whatever you want to call them.When you find jewelry props on sale, it's not a bad idea to invest in more than one.  These will become part of your permanent supply kit.Consider this story.Shortly after I graduated from college, I flew to visit a friend.  When I cut my finger and needed a bandage, she pulled out her first aid kit.  It was filled with all sizes of bandages, tape, salves, ointments, « Continue Reading »

An ice-cold venue and Olympic entertainment was a fitting tribute to an honoree


I had a memorable auction last week in upstate New York. I want to tell you about it and share a couple of observations.But first, let me share a story from my early days in USA's capital.Nearly 15 years ago my parents were visiting me in Washington, D.C. In preparation of their visit, I'd purchased tickets for us to watch a performance at the Kennedy Center.Just a week before they arrived, I also won a prize from a radio station. It included tickets to an afternoon performance at a community theater production.Both performances were on the same Saturday.  As the show ended in Arlington, I was scooting them out the door to « Continue Reading »

25+ non-traditional venues for smaller auctions in the DMV

If you’re an auction planner in the DMV with a smaller-sized event (300 or fewer guests), check out this list of venues for smaller auctions like yours.

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[VIDEO] Where to start your opening bids in the live auction

Research shows that LOWER starting bids generate HIGHER sale prices. But in addition to that study, here are two other reasons to downplay opening bids.

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VIDEO: Your Fund a Need auction advocate


Are you running a Fund a Need auction event, and skipping a live and silent auction? Here’s what you need to know about just offering a Fund a Need.

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Three ways a Los Angeles auction incorporated high end wines

Each bottle was available for purchase, to be opened and consumed at the gala with the meal.  Prices ranged from $30 to $200 per bottle.

High end wines were featured in multiple ways at this Southern California nonprofit gala auction.

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