An easy silent auction item to procure: Wheel of Fortune


If you're searching for some silent auction item ideas, one near guarantee donation is Wheel of Fortune.  The game show is exceedingly generous in their donations.  I shared the show's donation information with a Miami, FL client a few years ago.  The nonprofit has received one or two fan packs for every auction since then. The package changes a bit every year, but the show often sends a kit like the one I've shown you in photograph.  (What did it sell for?  I don't recall.  I know it sold for over $100 at the auction ... maybe over $200.)   Plus, you get four tickets to a show. To request the Wheel of Fortune donation « Continue Reading »

Are school auctions harder to organize in public schools? I think so.

Benefit auction trade show booth help for school auctions

In February I participated in a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) expo in Chicago.  Though I've participated in many trade shows when I worked at GE, I'd never participated in a trade show as part of my own company.  I thought I'd give it a shot to see how it would go. The Chicago event is one of the largest PTO expos.  Organizers mentioned that 600 or 700 people had registered.  I was tucked in amidst a sea of traditional fundraising concepts:  candy ... bags ... gift wrap ... etc.   No surprise that I was the only booth selling help for school auctions. PTOs and PTAs seem to be more of a public school "thing."  Though « Continue Reading »

How Daymond John’s sales team talked me out of buying his program


Heads up:  This isn't a benefit auction post.  You can jump to another section of the blog for that.  I was just so disappointed in a presentation I attended today that I typed up this post to clear my head and to remind myself of what not to do when I'm next giving a speak-to-sell presentation. A couple of months ago, I had lunch with my friend Suzanne.  She had recently launched her own business and was commenting that she'd invested in a program from Daymond John Academy.  She thought I'd get something out of it.  "And it was only ~$1000," she said.  "Who is Daymond John?" was my response. I'm likely one of the last « Continue Reading »

Auction Signage Part 3 The best signs for your silent auction sections

silent auction signage

Save money by using the same signs for your silent auction sections signs each year. Here’s how to make it work.

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Auction Signage Part 2: Flexible directional auction signage for your gala

If your auction gala isn’t all in one room, using smart directional signage like this ensures everyone gets to where they need to go.

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Auction Signage Part 1: Use reversible silent auction signs to keep costs down

Benefit Auction Signage

Get twice the bang for your buck when you use BOTH sides of your silent auction signs. Here are some examples.

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Auction ideas on signs: Silent auction signs, location signs, and more

Sometimes the most obvious of marketing techniques are overlooked.  For instance, using signage. At the benefit auction, I direct guests toward items by referring to the signage.  “Join me in the Red Section,” I’ll say, “Look for the Red Section sign.  We’re admiring class projects in the Red Section.”  Or, “You can buy these at« Continue Reading »

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