Video: Auction item donation from someone famous? How to play it safe when marketing it.

What happens when someone famous -- either famous in your community or to the wider world -- makes an auction item donation that involves a tour of their home?  Do you want that known to the wider world?  Could it be dangerous for the donor?   Here's how I answered the question.       « Continue Reading »

Video: Silent Auction Strategies: 5 Easy Changes for Higher Revenues


At the end of August, Bloomerang hosted me on a complementary 1-hour training where I taught five simple ways to boost silent auction revenue. This free webinar got a lot of "thumbs up" in emails and Facebook. (Scroll down to read some unsolicited reviews.) Pour yourself a coffee, grab a pen, and settle in to start taking notes.               Thanks Steve – got some great ideas and certainly motivational – thanks so much for hosting the webinars. I just wanted to let you know that this afternoon's webinar was fantastic- a lot of helpful tips and information. Had to leave « Continue Reading »

Video: How long should your silent auction last?

You've spent hours gathering silent auction items.  The baskets are sealed and ready to be sold.  Displays are set up.  So now, how long should your silent auction last?   Determining how long your silent auction should be open is the question I tackle in today's video blog.    Got ideas of your own? Share them below. « Continue Reading »

Video: How to get auction items for charity — using tourism brochures

A list of potential silent auction donors is sitting in the lobby of your nearest hotel. In this video, I show you where to go.

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Big life transition? There’s a show for that.

Are you a woman in transition? My own journey — from working at GE to plus-size modeling to growing a company — has been documented on this radio show.

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Promoting your gala honoree to maximize your exposure

benefit auction Gala honoree of a family

If you’re working with a gala honoree, here are some ways to promote the relationship via Facebook, your blog, and more.

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Fake charity auction memorabilia raises problems


Experts suggest that the majority of music memorabilia sold at charity auctions is fake. What’s your charity’s policy on these items?

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