[VIDEO] Embarrassing your auction donor with a (too) high opening bid?

I recorded this video a few minutes after getting off the phone with a potential client. She and her committee weren't fond of their previous auctioneer. "She started with a high opening bid," she said.  "Too high.  And then in order to get anyone interested in bidding she had to drop it down.  Way down.  It was so embarrassing to our donor."The subject of where to start the opening bids on your live auction items can be a divisive topic. I've observed a discrepancy between what many auctioneers think is a good idea for an opening bid and what nonprofits think is a good idea. The topic is further compounded because the scenario « Continue Reading »

[VIDEO] Four styles of bid stickers for silent auction bid sheets

A couple of months ago I posted a video tip about how you can read bad handwriting on silent auction bid sheets. Spoiler alert: It's the use of bid stickers.I explained that auction chairs shouldn't require guests to write their name, address, email, phone number, or any other information on the bid sheets.  To generate the highest bids, the only information required should only be the bid number. If the idea of only asking for a bid number troubles you (perhaps because you are concerned about the issue of legibility), then bid stickers might be a good option for you to consider.To take this tip to the next level, today I « Continue Reading »

Bruce or Caitlyn? What (if any) differences are between an auction catalog, preview catalog, ad book, addendum & program

A few years ago, a school development director started to vent.  Her volunteer Auction Chair was insistent on calling the catalog an "ad book.""She's driving me nuts!" my client confided, "She keeps calling our catalog an ad book, and she's confusing our other volunteers.  I don't know where she picked that name up."===========As I work with benefit auction committees across the USA, I see remarkable diversity in the names we use to describe identical activities. What we call a "bucket raffle" in D.C. becomes a "tricky tray" about five hours north in New Jersey.  If you skip the northern route and turn your car south instead, « Continue Reading »

Auction gift idea for a Brazilian themed event: Carnival mask

For a Brazilian themed benefit auction, maybe a carnival mask like this could serve as your guest gift.

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[VIDEO] 5 popular items for charity auction gift bags

Benefit auction theme ideas, meet me in rio, brazil masks

Got a budget to cover the cost of your gift bags? Or maybe a sponsor is spring for them. If so, here are five of the most common items I see handed out.

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An alternative to the silent auction

ベストチェイス best choice

Can you forego a silent auction? Can you raise as much money? You’ll learn some options in this post.

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Bad handwriting on the silent auction bid sheet? Here’s how to read it.

Stickers aren't just for kids.

In this video, I share how to eliminate the stress caused by bidders who write so sloppy on your bid sheets. It might be time to give ’em stickers!

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