Should you put that trip in the silent auction or live auction?

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Ever worked and worked and worked to get a great beach house / ski lodge / overseas trip donated, only to have two of them show up as donations in the same year? When it rains, it pours. Or maybe you’re challenged in that two donors have similar homes, and you’re not sure if it makes sense to sell both them in the live auction. Here are some suggestions for determining which vacation home should be sold in the live auction. A home within driving distance.  All other things being relatively equal (e.g. similar quality of property, availability of choice weeks, popularity of destination, bedrooms), a trip that allows « Continue Reading »

Silent auction display ideas for concerts and sporting events

Benefit auction ideas for display Fenway Park_opt

If you’re selling great tickets to a desirable concert or sporting event, what is one of the key pieces of information a bidder would want to know? The location of the seats. Given that most of your bidders are visually-oriented, you’ll want to include a diagram indicating where those seats are, in relation to the action. Though you can and should tell bidders that the tickets are in Section 120, row J, seats 1-4, it’s just as important to show them that location. Showing is more powerful than telling. Your silent auction display should include a visual diagram. If you search for it, you’ll find that major venues « Continue Reading »

Auction item donation idea: A season of snow plowing

a truck ceaning the street while snowing

With winter storm Juno hammering the northeast right now, I'm left to wonder ... since when did we name snowstorms? We used to say, "The blizzard of 2012." Now storms are humanized for the dramatic effect, making it sound as if the storm -- er, Juno -- is personally attacking us. Good grief! On the plus side, the frightful weather has made it a perfect week to share this auction item donation idea. In 2012, one of my Wisconsin school auctions sold a season of snow plowing.  If the weather dumped over 2" of snow, you got your driveway plowed. The value was $300, and it sold in the live auction for $550, nearly a « Continue Reading »

Mobile bidding for auctions and one impact on onsite auctions

Mobile bidding has blurred the lines of the online and onsite auctions. Is a new name in order for these hybrid events?

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What’s the BEST number of auction items? (Live auction)

live auction display at Virginia nonprofit auction

When planning your live auction, what’s the best number of auction items to put in the lineup? Here’s your answer.

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What’s the BEST number of auction items? (Online auction)

Online school auction promotion

If you’re running an online auction (be it part of an onsite auction or not), what’s the best number of items? Here’s information to illuminate.

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What’s the BEST number of auction items? (Silent auction)

Silent auction at a public school foundation fundraiser in Virginia, Red Apple Auctions

The best number of auction items will vary according to the type of auction you have. Here’s a 3-part series covering the basics.

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