VIDEO: Your Fund a Need auction advocate


If you're interested in running a Fund a Need auction, today (June 23) at 3 PM Eastern time, I'm offering a live webinar called Fabulous Fund a Needs.  (Buy the DVD here and you'll be registered for the webinar today). I've written before about them.  A growing portion of my business is devoted to doing nothing but the delivery of these speeches.  And that's the sub-section I'm writing about today ... the trend of skipping a live and silent auction and just offering a Fund a Need.Each year I am hired to work with a half dozen or so nonprofits that don't have a traditional auction and instead offer a Fund a Need.  They might « Continue Reading »

Three ways a Los Angeles auction incorporated high end wines

Each bottle was available for purchase, to be opened and consumed at the gala with the meal.  Prices ranged from $30 to $200 per bottle.

Welcome to wine week! Every post this week ties to alcohol. Here's the post explaining why. A few benefit auctions I conduct each year aren't known as wine auctions, but they have such a stellar collection of wine available that the lots could easily be sold in a wine auction and fit right in. This Los Angeles, CA gala is one such event.  In fact, the ~300 guests aren't just treated to great wine lots in the auction, but they get to enjoy exquisite wines in several ways throughout the evening.  Here's how. 1. FINE WINE TASTING Offering complementary glasses of high-end wine during the silent auction. It was explained « Continue Reading »

Where does a wine auctioneer learn about champagne?

Wine auctioneer Sherry Truhlar with champagne guru Peter Liem

Welcome to wine week! Every post this week ties to alcohol. Here’s the post explaining it. Where does a fundraising wine auctioneer go to learn about champagne? Drinking it often is a good start. But to more fully appreciate the bubbly, this past Monday (June 1, 2015) I headed to class. This just wasn't any class.  I went to the Champagne Master Workshop & Tutored Tasting organized by the French Wine Society. Peter Liem, one of the world's experts on champagne, led the course.  My brother is a huge fan of his and I can see why so many are eagerly awaiting Peter's book. I've copy and pasted the course « Continue Reading »

[VIDEO] Comparing wine auction catalogs

Three wine auction catalogs

What’s your wine auction catalog look like? In this video, I explain some commonalities and differences I see among catalogs and events.

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Salut! Wine auctioneer Sherry Truhlar raises money for symphony

Co-chair Laura and a guest stand beside me.  Laura cut this out of the paper and sent it to me.

Working as a wine auctioneer in Texas afforded me some time with wine cases, some cuvee, and a canyon.

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This wine auctioneer is drinking moonshine

Post-tasting!  Enjoying the moonshine with two friends at Bloomery Plantation.

When I’m selling wine, I’m a wine auctioneer. But I’ve also sold moonshine, kahlua, beer, and other spirits. Here’s my suggestion on alcohol.

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Which sells better? Two different descriptions from identical auction packages

Fundraising Auction Catalogs for sale

Need some best practices when it comes to writing auction item descriptions? Here’s the same donation (but different descriptions) made to two charities.

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