How a binder can make auction donors feel special

I've been racking up the airline miles working auctions nonstop for the last few weeks.  Wisconsin, California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, DC, Maryland, Virginia and other states have been on my itinerary ... sometimes more than once.  The constant go-go-go- has been exhausting, but the advantage of all that travel are the new ideas I pick up along the way. Today's tip is a nice touch from a classy Iowa gala I worked recently. If your benefit auction includes a live auction, somebody is serving as the fundraising auctioneer.  That auctioneer might be a volunteer from your community, a professional auctioneer who « Continue Reading »

Getting charity auction guests to register their credit cards

When this nonprofit started using credit card swiping technology, they had the valet help them market the new idea.

Anyone who has followed my trainings on how to properly conduct a benefit auction registration and checkout process knows my analogy of the hotel versus the grocery store. At your benefit auction, it's best to function like a hotel, swiping each guest's credit card before letting them enter your property (i.e. the silent auction). Operating like a hotel means that your charity auction team must use credit card terminals designed for an auction environment. Once those terminals are rented and ready for use, you need to then consider how you'll prepare your charity auction guests for this change in payment procedures. « Continue Reading »

Silent auction ideas for fourth quarter auctions

silent auction tips bow on food

One of the natural advantages of hosting a auction in the late fall (think October through December) is its proximity to Christmas. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, December marks a big month of gift giving for many people.  Why not play on that natural cycle and use it to help sell your items? Here are some tips to make the most of the season. 1.     Be blatant. Don’t try to hide anything.  In your marketing literature, remind people that they should be on the look-out for gifts at your fundraiser. “Buy your gifts at our auction.” “We’re receiving great donations that even Santa would swoon to « Continue Reading »

BAS: The letters after an auctioneers name

What do those BAS letters after an auctioneer’s name mean? Moreover, do they matter? It stands for Benefit Auctioneer Specialist. Here’s my take on it.

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Video: Brand your fundraiser with a consistent gala auction theme

Gala Auction Themes - last kiss

Gala auction themes CAN be the same every year. It offers two advantages: improves branding & reduces cost. Look at these examples.

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In 2 weeks! FREE training: How to ask for auction donations, money, and more

Auction chairs must ask for so many things: volunteers, sponsorships, donations, and more. In this training, you’ll learn a process to improve your ask.

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VIDEO: Benefit Auction Gift Ideas for Guests

It’s a rare bird who wouldn’t like to leave a party with a treat, and that includes your auction guests. But gifts don’t have to take the form of a traditional gift bags filled with your nonprofit literature, either. (I’d rather they not.) In this video, I share several benefit auction gift ideas I’ve seen« Continue Reading »

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