Fake charity auction memorabilia raises problems


How would you handle this sad situation? Visualize your gala. You’ve worked hard to acquire items, and your guests are milling through a large auction. Some of the items are the local sorts of donations one often sees at events in your area. Other items are more glamorous because you’ve worked with a memorabilia company to bring in “big ticket” items. Guests are ogling and bidding on the merchandise, buying signed guitars from their favorite bands and snapping up memorabilia signed by celebrities. The auction is buzzing with excitement and you’re raising thousands of dollars.  After your gala, the local news station does an « Continue Reading »

Easy tip to help activate sponsorship benefits: Show and Tell

Smiling Businessman Holding a blank businesscard

A couple of weeks ago I shared some ideas for golf tournament goodie bags. This related idea for sponsorship benefits is worth mentioning:  Even if your tournament tends to have more male participants than female, don't discount goodie bag items that target women.  I've found many players like taking something home to share with their significant other. But to make this work for you and your sponsor / donors, please include a little "show and tell" to properly market it  This can go a long way in helping to activate the sponsorship gift.   This sounds - and IS -- ridiculously simple. Yet it's rarely done and is a useful tip « Continue Reading »

Ban catchy titles in your silent auction displays

Silent auction display descriptive title

Years ago, when I was new to D.C. and searching for a job, my friend (a human resources professional) and I hysterically laughed as we took turns verbally reading job descriptions in The Washington Post.   We'd substitute the language of the job posting with what we believed was the true intention of the post.  In other words, we did this: Job description language   What that really means Seeking dedicated employee  =  expect to stay many late nights Creative work environment  =  priorities change on a daily basis Salaried  = you won't be paid for overtime   Sometimes I think about « Continue Reading »

Benefit auction workshop in Louisville, KY next month

I’m heading to Louisville, KY to conduct my workshop, Better Benefit Auctions. In 4 hours, learn how to conduct a more profitable and interesting event.

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Eleven ideas for golf tournament goodie bags

golf tournament goodie bag ideas

Planning a tournament fundraiser? You’ll likely be giving players a gift bag at day’s end. Try these ideas to fill tournament goodie bags.

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Great example of an event sponsorship with Porsche

Porsche Dealership Auction Venue

Event sponsorships have nothing to do with YOU, dear nonprofit. They need to be about boosting the sponsor. Here’s a real-life video on how to do it right.

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The unspoken impact on auction procurement of using a good benefit auctioneer

a gift of money

Think the impact of an auctioneer begins and ends with the live auction? Think again. A good benefit auctioneer’s influence even affects the quality of the donations you receive.

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